Direct Trained Freshers Hiring At Zero Cost

Haul Plus : Your First Choice for Manpower Consultancy!

Various studies have revealed that the skill gap in the industry at large, is due to our academic structure – one that even today focuses on providing theoretical knowledge rather than what is expected from the real-time job environment. The end result? Employers across industries face the challenge of skill shortage on floors. Specially, in case of the freshers.

Make no mistake, fresher hiring has become an experts/specialists job, specially in today’s times. Haul Plus is your staffing solutions partner that specializes in direct trained freshers hiring. That too at ZERO cost!

End-to-end fresher hiring solutions from Haul Plus

End-to-end fresher hiring solutions from Haul Plus are not just about meeting the client requirements, but aimed at reducing the workload of HRs belonging to the recruiting company. Our solutions further support them as they are meant to directly provide trained freshers who possess and match with

the skillset that the recruiting organizations are keen on.

Haul Plus makes available a platform that facilitates trained fresher recruitment for the employers, from across the country.

The process covers all the essential elements of fresher recruitment like skill analysis, candidate assessment etc., so as to increase the accessibility.


Direct trained freshers hiring from Haul Plus helps the employers in getting a workforce that requires no or minimal training to become job ready.

Possessing the desired expertise and experience in fresher level recruitment, has helped Haul Plus in scoring an edge over its competitors, for all these years.

Haul Plus provides end-to-end fresher hiring solutions to top recruiters like Saama Technologies, Addteq, Centurysoft, Liebherr CMCtech India Pvt. Ltd., Jardin Lyod Thompson and more..

Salient offerings from Haul Plus

  • The providers of fresher trained & screened resources @ ZERO cost!
  • Extensive reach with respect to the pool of candidates, to aide the branding of our clients amongst the jobseeker’s
  • Additional support on offer during the process of selection e.g. Manpower, infrastructure, pre-screening etc.
  • We have an in-house team of dedicated & experienced individuals to understand your requirements and provide assistance accordingly
  • Job posting, application tracking, screening, scheduling till joining, and everything related

So, if freshers is what you are looking to hire, then Haul Plus is the place where you would not just get freshers, but trained freshers!