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Haul Plus : Hire and Train Module

Haul Plus, where talent is taken to its destination! Thanks to our Hire and Train module.

Demand vs Supply

More often than not, the industry, be it any domain, is experiencing a scarcity of the right kind of talent to work for them. Our education system, which has always been focusing on providing text book knowledge to the students, can be called the culprit here. That being the reason, they fall short on the practical skills front and the real-time knowledge which the industry expects from them.

As far as the industry is concerned, it has to train the employees and mould them based on their work environment. It requires time and frequently eats up their precious resources such as money, time, and manpower, which otherwise could have been deployed for other essential activities with high priority. To sum it up, it proves to be a process that consumes lot of time.

This leads to job aspirants facing difficulty in getting a job, while organizations facing the issue of shortage of proper talent.

What's the solution?

Hire and Train module from Haul Plus.

  • Haul Plus – Bridging the gap

Haul Plus is glad to serve as a bridge that happens to establish a connection between the talent and the demand, in an optimum manner.

Hiring and Training solutions from Haul Plus:


Below are the salient features of the training and hiring solutions from Haul Plus…

  • Staffing, by making available a qualified talent pool for various job positions in organizations and the industry, with the help of proper training
  • Facilitate optimum utilization of the human resources for the organizations
  • With training received at Haul Plus, aspirants can get a job easily. That’s because, the training is totally centered around the latest recruitment needs and industry requirements
  • With the right individual deployed for the right kind of job, we assure businesses with higher performance and maximum productivity
  • On the job seekers front, training and grinding them to enhance their skill-set and overall development, as per the industry needs. Thus making them job ready
  • Helping in the growth and development of an organization, by providing the right kind of talent to them
  • Saving the time of the employers, and enabling them to allocate their resources to other important and high priority tasks, by carrying out training and hiring on their behalf.

Thus, Haul Plus through its Hire and Train module, is bridging the gap between the demand and supply, in terms of the knowledge, skills, and matching the talent with the available job positions.

Haul Plus brings its extensive experience in career development and placement into training and hiring. No doubt, those seeking the services of Haul Plus will reap in the benefits of it.

The Haul Plus edge

  • Get fresher trained & screened resources @ ZERO cost
  • Consultancy solutions supported by a large database of Experienced/ Laterals / Professionals across all domains
  • Total assistance right from job posting, application tracking, screening, scheduling till joining
  • Vast reach in terms of candidate pool that helps in company’s branding among the jobseekers
  • Additional support as a part of the selection process including infrastructure, manpower, pre-screening etc.
  • A dedicated & experienced team to understand your specific requirements, and assist you accordingly

Our client

Our clientèle includes leading recruiters from the industry like Innoplexus, Techbulls Softtech, Celoxis, E-Zest, Liebherr CMCtech India Pvt. Ltd. etc.

So, if you are an employer looking for the right kind of talent to work for you, then Haul Plus is for you!

On the other hand,

If you happen to be a job aspirant looking for that dream job, then Haul Plus is where you need to be!

Approach us, and we will make you both meet!!!