Permanent Staffing Solutions

Haul Plus : Permanent Staffing Solutions

When its about staffing needs/manpower management specific to your industry, Haul Plus Manpower Consultancy Pune, is the name that will cater you with pin point solutions.

Top staffing companies in Pune: Haul Plus, a name to reckon with!

With Haul Plus, CRBtech has entered into the world of staffing, becoming a leader amongst the staffing companies in Pune that provides its services to the industry leaders, as well as to those seeking jobs with them. Staffing is one of the most important functions as far as recruitment is concerned, and HaulPlus promises the best of staffing solutions for your organization.

Getting to know staffing

Staffing can be described as one of the most critical functions for an organization. After all, its the employees who make the company. It basically consists of the process of recruiting the right talent for the vacant positions. Its basically providing the right personnel for the right job, when required! Thus enabling everything to take place in the right manner. HaulPlus the IT staffing company for the best staffing services and solutions.

Why is staffing essential?

It is a very critical thing that every single individual ought to be in the right position in the organization, in order to land the correct job, based on their talent, skills, ability and expertize, so as to facilitate the organization in achieving the pre-defined goals, in the best possible manner. To ensure that each and every employee is aligned with the organization goals and contributing towards it. Hence, it very well may be said that staffing is a fundamental function without which an organization cannot survive.

That explains the necessity and importance of staffing. No one can know this better than us at Haul Plus – the sought after staffing agency.

What does Haul Plus do?

Permanent Staffing

Haul Plus staffing feels glad to offer top quality permanent staffing solutions to its clients, that too at affordable costs. Where HaulPlusdiffers from rest of the staffing companies in Pune is that they provide result oriented and effective staffing solutions, without compromising on quality.

Permanent staffing solutions from Haul Plus are designed to serve as a gateway for completely screened and qualified applicants exclusively for your industry needs. We are a well knit team of specialist professionals who devotes themselves to leverage your organization to accomplish the business goals. The highlight being a result oriented process that ensures making available the best talent to our clients at any level, that too with the quickest turnaround time.

The Haul Plus Staffing Process

The process followed at Haul Plus comprises of the below mentioned broad phases,

  • Understanding and brainstorming on your requirements
  • Laying out a tailor-made staffing plan
  • Candidate shortlisting and verification
  •  Requirement finalizing and feedback

It could vary based on the needs of each client. Such a streamlined process helps to bring substantial reduction in the costs and time you would incur, if you recruit and train the new employees yourself.

What makes us a leader in Permanent Staffing?

  • A dedicated & experienced team to understand your exact requirement and assist you accordingly
  • Get fresher trained & screened resources @ ZERO cost
  • Vast reach in terms of pool of candidates, which helps in company’s branding amongst the jobseekers
  • Complete assistance right from job posting, application tracking, screening, scheduling till joining
  • Additional support during the selection process including manpower, infrastructure, pre-screening etc.
  • Consultancy solutions with wide database of Experienced/ Professionals/ Laterals across all domains.

HaulPlus, the place where the talent of numerous candidates reaches its right destination, with the job of their dreams. Meanwhile, Haul Plus has served reputed industry names like Eternus, Lumedx Heathcare, E-Zest, ZS Associates and more..

You could definitely be the next one!